July is part of a extended series documenting my backyard garden in Buffalo NY throughout the summer of 1998. 

As a wall installation, July consists of the 48 maps removed from a 1898 edition of the Century Dictionary and Cyclopediathat were first impregnated with wax and then overprinted lithographically with images derived from scanning and manipulating various plants in my garden. All of these plants were harvested during the month of July.

Each map is 12" x 9", the overall dimension is aproximately 90" x 120". The maps are arranged to approximate their geographical configuration. Because each map is the same size (e.g. New Jersey and Texas both measuer 12" x 9"), the resulting configuration is distorted. The key identifies the state, the common name of the plant from my garden, and its botanical name.

After several exhibitions, the wall map was reconfigured to form a book using an accordian format.  The maps are backed with mulberry paper and arranged in alphabetical order.