Every region of this country has its environmental disasters and Western New York has its share. The most infamous, Love Canal (aka Model City), rests alongside the Niagara River a few miles east of Niagara Falls. Other delights not found on roadmaps and blurred out on google satellite images include Tonawanda Coke, Huntley Generating Station and Manhattan Project burial grounds such as Ashland I and II, Linde (aka Praxair), Niagara Ordinance Works, and the West Valley Demonstration Project, among others.

The projects here focus primarily on the Tonawanda Industrial area, especially Tonawanda Coke Corp. (TCC), a major polluter to the air, ground and Niagara River. TCC and its owner, Don Crane, have refused to come to the table with local residents. Due to the hard work of citizens and the Clean Air Coalition of Western New York, we have gained the attention of the Environmental Protection Agency and state leaders, who are helping to bring TCC into compliance. Enjoy!